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Heeeeeello friend:


I'm Professor Ruffinni. Welcome to my mansion.


After many years of research into active methodologies and other educational "fashions" ... I have found the "holy grail" of gamification. I have the secret to make your classes motivate your students more than ever.


Unfortunately I can not show it to you, because my archenemy, Dr. Peñazzo, has locked me in my office with all my notes.

If you want to know my secret, you will have to rescue me.

To do this, enter the library and go through the rooms of the mansion where you will find clues to open the following doors and some of my discoveries about gamification.

My dear butler, Mr. Ruiz, will give you the necessary clues to open the door of the library and will accompany you on your adventure.

Good Luck! You are my last hope...

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