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Mr. Ruiz is thinking about using Gamification in class. He has been hearing a lot about the benefits of this trendy educative strategy and he thinks using this new methodology could be a good idea in order to increase his students’ motivation.

However, there is one thing that is not clear enough for him: the theme and main characters of his Gamification. He would like to find something related to his classes which could be attractive for his students at the same time… but, who knows what students like nowadays?


For this reason, he has decided to organize a meeting and invite some of the most representative characters from the different fields to have a “fight” and decide which group is the coolest of all.

Along the meeting Mr. Ruíz is going to learn with you about different aspects of educative Gamification. Meanwhile, you, who will be divided into different groups, will be able to win “cool points” in order to be the most famous group and convince Mr. Ruíz of choosing your story.

Your first challenge will be to find the other members of your group, so you will:

  • Look for the characters that you think are members of your group.

  • Let Mr. Ruíz know once you are alltogether, (the first three groups to do so will win 200 “cool points”).

  • Then, to get familiar with each other, talk about: your hobbies, your jobs, your favourite film, book, music group…

  • Once you finish, we will have a little contest to check which group knows each other better. We will divide up the “cool points” for the best team (100 for each correct answer).


Good luck to you all!

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