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I’m David Ruiz, a vocational teacher.

I think that is precisely my best quality: that I truly enjoy learning with my little puppils at Kantica primary School every morning, so it’s easy for me to be in the shoes of the participants who come to my workshops. 


I love learning new things, and once learnt, I always share them with people. That’s why I have been combining my job at school and training teachers for over ten years. 

I have organized workshops (online and in person) on digital boards, ICT tools, Internet safety, formative evaluation, cooperative learning activities, personal learning environments, active methodologies, gamification… so as you can see I had the opportunity of learning different things. 


I share on my webs most of what I have learned and also what I do in class every morning, so you are welcome visit them whenever you want.

El Blog del Sr. Ruiz
La Mansión del Profesor Ruffinni
Escuela de Magia Kantic@
Escuela de Superhéroes Kantic@
En la nube TIC
ScoopIt Seguridad
EF 2º ciclo

I hope you enjoy this workshop.

If you wish to contact me, I’m at your disposal, just send me an email or find me on Twitter: @dondavidruiz

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